Yahoo! Friend - Design the emoticons by yourself

Using Wingdings and Webdings fonts, you can create your own emoticons. To add your new emoticons, add additional directories to the Yahoo! Friend Emoticons, default path is:

C:\Program Files\YahooFriend\Emoticons\

Just create the directory and put your design in that dir. (Message.txt & Screenshot.png).

If you want to update your designs to next version of Yahoo! Friend, let send the content of your message.txt here:

or send me, I will then update your emoticons to the new coming version and list your name as a designer :D.

To design the emoticons, use any Html editor (for ex, FrontPage) type any combination of characters then select the font Wingdings or Webdings, change the font size, color, arrange them as you want. Then view the html source, copy the text, change it and save it as message.txt in your new emoticons directory. You need to see other existing message.txt files to see detail about the format because it does not look almost similar to the html format, it is Yahoo! Messenger message format :). Copy your design text and send it to your friends via Yahoo! Messenger to test and capture the picture, save it as Screenshot.png. That's all :D. For more convenient while testing, add your own Yahoo ID to your friend list and send your test message to yourself :).

Thank you in advance,

Emoticons in current version of Yahoo! Friend

More and more emoticons will come soon!!!

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