Step by step to install and use YahooFriend

I. Installing YahooFriend

1. After you click the download link on the YahooFriend home page you will see the list of the servers for download. The download will start automatically, if not, you can click at the link for download or select any other servers by clicking at the <download> for each:

2. After downloading the setup file, just run it. It takes you seconds to install YahooFriend..

II. Using YahooFriend

1. Sending Special Emoticons/Text-Art to your friend using YahooFriend

When YahooFriend is running, you can see the new button menu in the chat windows. (Special Emoticons), just click on that to start the fun.

2. Setting the Auto-Reply feature

After starting YahooFriend you also see the YahooFriend icon in the system tray. Right click there you can see the popup menu. Select <Plus Service> and then select <Auto reply> to activate the auto reply feature.

3. Setting the Speak-Out feature

Do the same as above (2) but in the last step, select the <Speak incoming messages> to activate this feature.

If your computer does not have Microsoft Office installed, you may need to download and install the text-to-speech engine from Microsoft in order to make this feature work:

If you see the character speaking but there is no sound then you only need to download and install the American English Text-to-speech engine.

Otherwise, you need to download and install all Core components, Merlin Agent character and American English Text-to-speech engine.

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